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  • Image of Magnesium Cream - 6 oz.
  • Image of Magnesium Cream - 6 oz.
  • Image of Magnesium Cream - 6 oz.

Magnesium Cream - 6 oz.






The skin is the body’s largest organ. Magnesium applied directly to the skin is absorbed quickly into the body, bypassing the digestive process completely. The advantage is that you can target specific areas of the body, helping to soothe specific muscles and joints where magnesium is needed.

Body Niche Magnesium Cream contains Zechstein™ magnesium chloride which comes from the ancient Zechstein seabed in northern Europe and is found almost 2 miles below the earth’s crust, it is one of the purest sources in the world.

Our Magnesium Cream is easy to apply and comes scented with 100% pure, high quality essential oils.

It is ideal for skin conditions and massage and can be used daily. Because pure magnesium oil can be over powering to sensitive skin, Body Niche Magnesium Cream is the perfect solution for transdermal application. It is ideal for massaging into sore muscles or to help prevent cramps.

Magnesium deficiency is widespread in the industrialized world. Unfortunately, many of us have lifestyles that actively deplete magnesium in our bodies, such as lack of sleep, excess stress, as well as alcohol, caffeine, and sugar consumption. Over farming and high pesticide use have depleted magnesium from our food sources.

Transdermal magnesium therapy is ideal for pain management. Magnesium chloride, when applied directly to the skin is transdermally absorbed and has an almost immediate effect on pain.

From the pain of sports injuries to low-back pain and sciatica, headaches, the pain of restless legs, arthritic pain, and just about every painful condition imaginable–all can benefit from topical application of Body Niche Magnesium Cream.

Are you ready to manage some pain? Choose your scent and start today!

Ingredients: Magnesium Chloride, Distilled Water, Grapeseed Oil, Coconut Oil, Cocoa Butter, Beeswax, Sunflower Lecithin, Citric Acid, & Silver Citrate (natural preservative).�

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